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I've recently started working on SAP HR (ECC 6). This blog is just somewhere for me to keep notes of things I've found like lists of transaction codes, infotypes &c. If it's useful to anyone else then great, if not then no worries.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A few useful tranaction codes

  • PPOCE - Create Organisational Unit. Also used for creating positions in an org unit.

  • PPOME - Change (Maintain) Organisational Unit

  • PPOSE - Display Organisational Unit

  • PO13 - Maintain Position

  • PA40 - Personnel Action. Hiring, firing, contractual changes &c

  • PA20 - Display HR Master Data. View the various infotypes about an employee

  • PA30 - Maintain HR Master Data. View, add, update and delete various infotypes about an employee

  • pc_payresult - Display payroll results

  • S_AHR_61016358 - Reference Personnel Numbers. A really useful report if your organisation has multiple assignments (one person has more than one position with the employer this mostly only happens in large public sector bodies, e.g. someone works in a school as a cleaner but also works as a crossing warden ('Lollypop Person') and lunchtime supervisor at another school). A reference personnel number is the one for the primary post (usually the first). This report returns everyone who has a reference personnel number (i.e. everyone with a multiple assignment) and shows the list of positions they're in including the personnel numbers for those positions.


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