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I've recently started working on SAP HR (ECC 6). This blog is just somewhere for me to keep notes of things I've found like lists of transaction codes, infotypes &c. If it's useful to anyone else then great, if not then no worries.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Table T777F

Been running into a lot of errors that complain about not having things in table T777F. the question on everyone's lips is, "What the frak is table T777F"

Only thing I could find that seemed to give any real information at all is an item on CaptainSAP. The downside is it's in French and no-one here speaks French. It's not that we're ignorant xenophobes, out of the 60 odd people in the room we probably have over 150 languages spoken to a decent degree of fluency, just none of them are French.

The definition the page gives for the table is:"Opérations d'infotypes autorisées selon statut de planification (ISTAT)"

I thinkl that translates very roughly to "Authorisations of/for Infotype operations in/for planning stages." which, allowing for grammar corrections, is what thinks it means as well.


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